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Clearly such looks have always been part of the Diaz make up, and by the time she was just 16 years old she was being approached by photographers at a Hollywood party, all trying to persuade her that modeling should be her chosen career. She took their advice and eventually secured a contract with the modeling agency Elite, making a comfortable, if not hugely successful living. It is not hard to imagine that in high school in Long Beach, California, Diaz was the "Scary Pretty Girl" who hung around the older kids. A confident child, she was raised by easy-going parents, who toted Diaz and her sister, Chimene, everywhere. "My Parents were young, and if they went to a party at a friend's house, they took us," says Cameron. "All the adults treated us like we were adults." Her mother supported young Cameron's interest in heavy metal music by accompanying her to her first Van Halen show.

Cameron's move towards the heady heights of Hollywood stardom eventually came in a chance meeting at her commercial manager's office, where she happened on the script for a new comedy which included the role of nightclub singer Tina Carlyle. In a flippant, off hand comment, Diaz remarked that she, with no acting experience whatsoever, could "Handle a comedy!" The necessary call was made. "I was 21 when I was doing 'The Mask'. That was really cool. That was safer; I couldn't have done it when I was 16. I would have destroyed someone or myself." But that is exactly what the young actress has done. To prove that The Mask was not a one-off fluke, Diaz deliberately opted for a role in a low-budget comedy, The Last Supper, in which a group of students hold dinner parties and kill their guests.

"I did The Last Supper simply to get the opportunity to work with other actors," Diaz has said, "I never had any experience with acting other than in The Mask." If The Last Supper didn't rate with The Mask at the box office, her next project looks like skyrocketing her career through the roof. Having had to pull out of the filming of Mortal Kombat when she broke her hand practicing karate for the film. Diaz went on to star along side Keanu Reeves in the hard hitting drama Feeling Minnesota, having beaten 70 other actresses to the part. "I got the script along time ago and everybody kept telling me to read it, but I just didn't get around to it because I thought the position was already filled, so at the last minute I read it. I liked it. And I went in and read for Stephen Baigelman. And then I read with Keanu and Vincent a day later....."

Way back in March 1996, Cameron Diaz was honoured as "Female Star of Tomorrow at ShoWest '96". The actress received the award at the convention's March 7th Final Night Awards Banquet held in Bally's Events Centre in Las Vegas.