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Hi, and welcome to Pokemon's chatroom. It's very easy. Just write your name in the field called "YourName" and click "Connect". Do you want to send a privat message? Click twice on the person to the right.

Din nettleser støtter desverre ikke java! Last ned nyeste versjon av Internet Explorer eller Netscape Navigator



/NICK "new nickname"


Chance nickname

/WAKE "nickname"


Send's a message that the person must wake, with a sound.

/IGNORE "nickname"


Ignore messages from this person.

/ME "nickname" "message"


If somebody write "/me wish to chat with somebody" showes it as:
"David wish to chat with somebody " (if your nickname is David...)

|"a number from 0-9","a number from 0-9"


Colors. Command's "|4,1 Hello! will showes like this:


P.S: "|"-tegnet er til venstre for 1-tallet.

/WHOIS "nickname"


Gives you info for the person